Safety Metrics

For comprehensive advice there is an in-house research and testing laboratory for safety technology, which has been specially developed for the requirements of safety investigations: 
Determination of combustion and explosion characteristics of gases, vapors and dusts, thermal stability of substances and mixtures, caloric and kinetic data chemical reactions.

Trust is good, testing is better!

Check your confidence in the substances that you use every day in your system. You might be surprised what the potential is! Laboratory safety tests show heavy releases of energy for many substances – on a production scale this would have serious consequences if this property is not known or the system was not designed accordingly.

Trust our test methods and our experience

In special test and test equipment, safety parameters and thermal and kinetic data are determined. 
We create a test program tailored to your requirements and carry out the tests in accordance with the relevant standards.

Laboratory data and then?

The evaluation and specific implementation of the experimental data on your production process is our central concern.

Process Development and Research

In the context of process development, we support you actively in the transfer from the laboratory scale to production. 
Safety research assures you of the highest level of advice. We carry out European research projects in the field of safety engineering. We use the results of these projects directly for your task. So you can be sure to always have the current state of knowledge.