Fire Protection Design

Measures must always be taken for fire protection especially for industrial buildings. 

Industrial buildings must be constructed according to their use, subject to building law, avoiding a risk to public life.

the existing assets in the form of the buildings, machines and products are insured against damage and the property insurances premiums depends on the PML (probably maximum loss)

the operator has an economically motivated interest in avoiding or minimizing business interruptions in order to serve its market as needed.

Naturally, the above-mentioned interest groups have different preferences in the fire protection measures to be implemented with regard to the protection goals of personal rescue and property protection.

Holistic fire protection concepts

However, a holistic fire protection concept must not look at the individual aspects in isolation. Rather, the measures in their entirety and in their interplay must be capable of taking equal account of both the interests of personal protection and property protection.

Despite all care, fires can never be completely avoided. It can only delay the formation of fire and reduce the impact of the fire.

Core competencies

  • Structural fire protection and construction elements
  • Extinguishing water, gas foam, etc.
  • Fire detection and special sensors
  • Storage & transport of hazardous substances
  • Underground traffic facilities
  • Reliable data centers
  • explosion protection