External Fire Protection Officer

Prevention of fires

Prevent the spread of fire and smoke

Combating incipient fires

The prevention and prevention of the spread of fires and the fight against incipient fires are common tasks of all persons employed on the holding.

In order to set up a fire protection organization and the diverse tasks associated with it, employers should appoint a fire protection officer for advice.

INBUREX helps with the implementation, as the experts and assessors of the INBUREX team, with their qualifications and experience, not only recognize the problems in everyday operations but also have the appropriate solution competence.


Fire safety officers are the central contact person for all fire protection issues in the company. They advise and support the employer in all questions of preventive, defensive and organizational fire protection as well as in operational emergency management, especially in the following tasks:


  • Create / update the fire protection regulations
  • Participation in assessments of fire hazard at workplaces
  • Advise on flammable work procedures and the use of flammable agents
  • Contribute to the determination of fire and explosion hazards
  • Contribute to the preparation of operating instructions, as far as the fire protection
  • Participation in structural, technical and organizational measures, insofar as they relate to fire protection
  • Contribute to the implementation of official regulations and requirements of the fire insurer, as far as they concern the fire protection
  • Contribute to compliance with fire safety regulations for new, conversion and extension buildings, changes in use, leases and procurement
  • Advise on equipping the workplaces with fire extinguishing equipment and selecting extinguishing agents
  • Contribute to the implementation of the fire protection concept
  • Check that escape and rescue plans, fire brigade plans, alarm plans, etc. are up-to-date; if necessary, initiate an update and participate in it
  • Planning, organizing and conducting eviction exercises
  • Participate in government fire tests and conduct internal fire safety inspections
  • Report any deficiencies and propose measures to remedy them and monitor corrective action
  • Assist the executives in the regular briefings of employees in fire safety 3 tasks of fire safety officers
  • Training and further training of employees with special tasks in case of fire, eg in the handling of fire-fighting equipment (fire-fighting assistant according to ASR A2.23))
  • Checking storage and / or facilities for storage of flammable liquids, gases, etc.
  • Check the safety markings for fire protection systems and escape and rescue routes
  • Monitoring the usability of escape and rescue routes
  • Organization of testing and maintenance of fire protection equipment
  • Check that specified fire protection measures are observed, especially in the case of flammable work
  • Contribute to the definition of replacement measures in case of failure and decommissioning of fire protection equipment