Student competition

A (new) chemical reaction as an energy supplier and a mechanical drive concept: both combined and scaled up to the size of a model car. Done is a ChemCar! 
Before participating in the student competition, where a given distance with additional weight must be covered as accurately as possible, the teams must perform a safety assessment of their concept. In this report, the controllability and predictability of the chemical reaction as well as its implementation in a safe vehicle must be discussed and documented. 
By supporting the competition, INBUREX Consulting GmbH is helping to sensitize the next generation of process engineers to dealing with the issue of safety in later professional life.

When developing the security concept, the process engineers of tomorrow are actively supported by INBUREX Consulting GmbH. In addition to evaluating the security concepts as admission requirements for the competition, employees of INBUREX Consulting GmbH also actively support the event on site.

There, in colloquia with the individual student groups, final questions about the concept are clarified, thus granting the final start clearance and guaranteeing the safe execution of the trips under the eyes of the interested trade visitors. This has the chance to take an exclusive look at the creative offspring.

Mr. Dipl.-Ing.