Cause Investigation

If, in spite of all safety precautions, a fire or an explosion occurs – especially in industrial plant – fast action is usually required: The cause must be determined in order to prevent similar damage incidents in the future.

INBUREX regularly partners with industry to investigate the damage caused by explosions or fires. The typical objects of investigation include not only the cause, but to determine the complex reasons for the problem.

  • Determination of the extent of damage
  • Hergang of the event
  • Determination of causal activities
  • Determination of released quantities
  • Determination of released combustion gases
  • Determination of fire loads
  • Determining the cause of the ignition source
  • Checking the approval and standard-compliant operation of the system
  • Recommend measures to restore plant safety
  • Recommend measures to improve plant safety

Experts of all departments are brought together under the guidance of an expert in accordance with §29a BImSchG to form a project team. In this way, all important traces can be secured and all questions answered within a very short time, so that the fire can be released as quickly as possible to the operator for cleanup and refurbishment work.

Against the background of a deep understanding of various production processes and technologies as well as the associated breakdowns, our engineers also draw conclusions about how similar incidents can be avoided in the future and put together effective action catalogs.